Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson Review

Expert Secrets Review

Author: Russell Brunson fwd. Robert Kiyosaki

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Title: Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice

First of all, I’ve always been a huge fan of Russell Brunson. The guy has accomplished incredible things as an internet marketer. He’s, a mega marketer, and author of DotComSecrets. He’s also one of the top people in the field of affiliate marketing. In this Expert Secrets review Russell Brunson shares his personal secrets on how he became successful. It’s important to note that in Expert Secrets it’s as much about how YOU can be successful with his practices, as him. This book is a culmination of Russel Brunson’s failures and successes. Expert Secrets is a book that will show you exactly how to become an expert in affiliate marketing, and that is no secret!

The book launched April 18th. If you can’t wait anymore and just want to make sure you get a free copy of the Expert Secrets book ahead of time. Look at the end!



About Expert Secrets

In this Expert Secrets review, I found it is truly a book that affiliate marketers, and all types of business people can relate to. This book is the insight of how to be successful in business in general. I felt as though the information in this book was pure gold. Russell starts you off with a sort of walkthrough of the different types of business that he associates as “Expert Businesses”.

Expert Secrets is also a very passion driven book, because he often uses examples of people starting businesses out of something they loved.  Essentially the main premise of the beginning of the book was to reinforce the notion that you can DO something to make millions, but TEACH something and make tens of millions of dollars. In affiliate marketing this is how it typically starts, and Russell shows us this. If we get excited about a topic, and start geeking out about it then it becomes almost natural to turn that passion, and that information being consumed by you into a contribution. By turning your passions into a contribution for others that is the best way to grow in business, because you are reaching more people than just yourself.

How Ideas Can Be Implemented?

The main key to all of this is HOW do you then turn your passions into a product? Or how to sell other people’s products that are in the same niche you are in? Well, according to Russell the concept is by helping other people. This is at the root, what Expert Secrets is about. You will literally go step by step, even with pictures showing you personal secrets of the knowledge of how to be as successful as possible in affiliate marketing online.


The pros of this book are pretty glaringly obvious, if you have read any of the above text. This book is trying to help you LEARN exactly how to be as successful as possible in online business. It tries to teach this principle of helping as many people as possible. If any of you are familiar at all with affiliate marketing you know it can be quite daunting to try and navigate your business to the top. This book includes not only the ideology and familiarity of how to be a super affiliate and make millions, but also identifying the tools needed to get there.


If you’re somebody that has a good grasp on online business, It might not help you. But you can still probably learn something with this book. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to have more knowledge in affiliate marketing, it won’t help. Also, if you don’t want to know proven ideas business ideas online then I wouldn’t recommend this book for you.

Other Content

Cashflow Quadrant

“Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich.”

by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, the creator and writer of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad,  talks briefly about his ideology of the Cashflow Quadrant.



Robert explains that in the cashflow quadrant you are either in one of the above four quadrants in your work life. And to be truly “free” you must move through the quadrants to get to the business owner and investor quadrants if you are not already there.

The goal is to have a plan and set out and accomplish that plan. Robert explains that with this book, you can have that plan.

“In Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson has masterfully laid out the steps to becoming a thought leader and building a following of people who will pay you for your information. You can literally start from zero and by the end you will have your own profitable business.”

This is Russell Brunson’s careers work and his careers thoughts on how people like him continue to be successful as internet marketers.

What is Expert Secrets?

The three pillars of what Expert Secrets is really about…In Russell Brunson’s own words…

“The Expert Secrets book will help you become a leader.

Expert Secrets will show you how to build a mass movement of people who’s lives you can affect.

Expert Secrets will teach you how to make this calling a career, where people will pay you for your advice.”

To quote Robert Kiyosaki on his thoughts about being successful…

If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.”

Russell Brunson is that guy who has “been there.”

Two Types of Expert Businesses

There are two types of expert businesses, selling information products and leveraging info products.

The first type is more of a passion driven business as explained by Russell Brunson. You are essentially taking your own life lessons and packaging them up for use to help people. Ways such as informational products, consulting…etc.

The second type is geared towards selling other companies products. Russell goes into detail on his exact thought process of how he turned Clickfunnels into the fastest growing SAAS (software as a service) company in the history of the internet without any kind of start-up backing.

Creating Your Mass Movement

When creating a mass movement it is important to recognize who you are. Or what kind of person you want to be. There are 3 essential types of people to create this movement…



In Expert Secrets you can specifically learn about each one of these people. He teaches how each one can benefit your business exponentially.

Expert Secrets Book Contents

expert secrets review book russell brunson

expert secrets review russell brunson



Expert Secret #1 – The Charismatic Leader/ Attractive Character

Secret #2 The Cause

Secret #3 The New Opportunity

Expert Secret #4 The Opportunity Switch


Expert Secret #5 – The Big Domino

Secret #6 The Epiphany Bridge

Secret #7 The Hero’s Two Journeys

Expert Secret #8 The Epiphany Bridge Script

Secret #9 – False Belief Patterns

Secret #10 The 3 Secrets


Expert Secret #11 The Stack Slide

Secret #12 The Perfect Webinar

Secret #13 – The One Thing

Expert Secret #14 Breaking and Rebuilding Belief Patterns

Secret #15 The Stack

Secret #16 – Trial Closes


Secret #17 The Perfect Webinar Model

Secret #18 The 4-Question Close (For High-Ticket Offers)

Expert Secret #19 – The Perfect Webinar Hack

Secret #20 Email Epiphany Funnels

Secret #21 Epiphany Product Launch Funnels


Secret #22 Fill Your Funnel

Conclusion: Your Invitation

Expert Secrets Review Conclusion

In conclusion, in my expert secrets review I found this book to be fun,  and exciting. There is a boatload of information, and you will be seriously amazed at what you will learn. This book will have literally everything you need to start a successful business. It made me feel like putting every single thing I learned into my own business.

A book like this from one of the gold standards of affiliate marketing is a blessing. It’s a good way to be, to give affiliate marketers the tools and knowledge to be successful. Expert Secrets shares the concept that helping people is the proper approach. Also using white-hat fixes, and ingenious ideologies to reinforce each and every “secret” that Russell shares in this book. I truly believe that if you want to be serious about making money online. Expert Secrets will surely help you and your business rise to the top. So don’t wait, start your mass movement now.

By getting the Expert Secrets book now you won’t have to pay $19.95 for it later on. What’s the risk? It’s FREE.

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