Affiliate Marketing? What Is It?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to start a business?” or maybe “I want to start an online business.” Have you ever wondered actually HOW to start your business? A quick guide to everything Affiliate Marketing might be your ticket for serious change. Maybe you’re one of those people that searches in Google for expert secrets to make money online hoping that somebody will show you the easy road to making big money and changing your life. Well if you’re reading this your search is over. Congratulations!

First, lets explain what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is where you sell other people’s products or services for money specifically through links, banners, other such advertisement on your site. When a user or reader of your website clicks one of your links or ads, and then proceeds to sign up with their service or buy their product then you make a commission. This process lets your affiliate network know that the new customer is using them because you or “your site” referred that customer to their product or service.

Through this process you can see how lucrative it can be. For example…if you have even 100 people visiting your site a day and converting just 3 of those people to a product that you have an affiliate link to. Maybe it’s a $180 amazon echo in black. You will make roughly $13 dollars per referral. So almost $40 dollars gets paid to you in that one day.

This may not seem like a lot. But you would have made $40 that day by doing nothing. Obviously you had to create the content but once it’s made it’s up to the user to click on your affiliate links.

Another Thing To Consider

 In my previous example I used only 100 people visiting the site at a conversion rate of 3%. Often times websites get thousands and thousands of traffic per day and converting 3% of 5000 people that visit your site in one day using the amazon echo for example would create a commission for you of almost $2000 in one day! That’s $60,000 per month and $720,000 per year!!! The possibilities are endless as you can see.

Except one thing…there is no easy road. At this point you’re probably wondering, wow how cliche of me to say that. Well hear me out. As someone who has been through the ups and downs of starting an online business I can tell you that, that’s not EXACTLY true. Yes everything that is worth having is hard to achieve. However with online affiliate marketing, your success is based largely in part to your persistence and consistency.

Content Creation

YouTube for example. Is one of the largest sites in the world, getting millions of hours posted of video per day. The monetization of peoples videos on YouTube helps people earn money. The reason I wanna talk about YouTube is because if you want to be a big YouTuber, with millions of Subscribers, and a ton of views…You have to be CONSISTENT, the same applies to affiliate marketing. Nobody on YouTube ever started an online business that makes them thousands of dollars per month off of one video. To keep that kind of authority on YouTube they have to post 3, 4, 5, maybe even 7 days a week to continue to grow and earn thousands of dollars online.

This concept again, is the same for affiliate marketing. Everyone can do it, but not everyone WILL do it. The absolute number one thing you have to do if you want to make money online, and start a business, or be an affiliate marketing winner, is CREATE GOOD CONTENT.

Affiliate marketing might as well be called content marketing because the secret is content. Every successful online marketer or affiliate marketer will tell you the same thing. It’s all about quality over quantity if you want to make money online.

In Affiliate Marketing essentially you have to keep in mind multiple things such as:

  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Name
  • Website Creation
  • Website Hosting
  • Content Creation
  • Products to Sell
  • Email Lists
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Networks

So here I have helped you out and provided a table organized with a link to each website and the places that can easily help you get started being an affiliate marketer. There are many many more websites that offer similar products and services but I just wanted to give you a short list to help ease the decision making process.

Affiliate Marketing

Tools for Affiliate MarketingWhere to Find Each Tool
Keyword Research
Google Keyword Planner
Domain NameNamecheap
Website Creation
Website Hosting
Content Creation
Products To SellAmazon
Email ListsAWeber
Affiliate NetworksClickFunnels

Email Marketing

If you use the link for AWeber choosing to use them as your email marketing service you will receive a FREE pdf file. Inside the file it contains information on how to write emails to better entice your email list and be a better email marketer. It is even a template based solution, where you can just insert and copy and you’re ready. This makes it extremely easy for a beginner affiliate marketer to write emails to their audience that will convert higher.

With that being said the reason that email marketing is so important is because allows you to have a connection with your audience, and continue to sell a product to them. You can even sell multiple products. Because it’s longstanding you can have the benefit of reaching out to an audience that might buy products from you.

Keyword Research

keyword research is important when starting an online business because the whole point of selling is to sell to people. People can’t see your site unless you’re ranked in Google, or ranked in Bing, or Yahoo…etc. Getting ranked for a certain keyword is key actually.

When doing keyword research you want to make sure you find a keyword that is not to broad. The term being a long tail keyword. Long tail keywords are words that are more specific to the consumer and making them more likely a buyer. Long tail keywords are where the money is in affiliate marketing.

Examples of Keyword Research

An example of a keyword vs a long tail keyword is the word “travel.” Maybe you’re an affiliate with an airline website and you get payed for referring people to their site. You saw in your keyword research that over 1 Million people search the word travel every month and you would then have the opportunity to get 1 Million people to come to your site each month if you ranked on page one of Google.

So when you try to implement travel into your posts on your website to rank for it you find that you’re not ranking on page one. Travel would be an example of a high competition keyword. Because it is searched so much and if your site isn’t much of an authority it would be extremely hard to rank for that word. But, if you used a word such as “travel airlines near Minnesota University”. That is more specific. And way less people will have searched for that rather than just travel.

Another example would be keyword “Dumbbell.” Dumbbell is a broad word which would reach a wide audience and be very high traffic and very hard to rank for on page one specifically. But if you tried to rank for “CAP 30 pound dumbbells review”, This would be much easier. And it’s more specific implying a potential buyer. This is where the money is!

Domain Name/Website Creation/Web Hosting

This is an obvious topic for affiliate marketing. If you want to sell products, or do reviews, or have an authority blog site, then you’re going to need a platform to build on. That’s where creating a website comes in. There are many different places that allow you to build websites. And with website means you’ll also need to host your website. There are even hosting services which offer the opportunity to buy your domain name, and create your website, and have it hosted just on one service. One such service is Bluehost.


For people who really like simplicity Bluehost is completely friendly to most of the bigger website creation platforms especially WordPress, and offers a one click install of WordPress and is one of the best hosting services on the market to be quite blunt.

However, using Clickfunnels is also a fun way to implement some really next level marketing tools that will help streamline your success as a monetized online business. Click here to learn more

Products To Sell/Affiliate Networks

Products and affiliate networks are sort of woven together for an affiliate marketer. You need products or services to make money. The products you should be selling are from places where you are an affiliate from, such as Amazon. You can find many, many different affiliate networks by searching for it and affiliate at the end. Not every affiliate network has the same commission rate or selection. So be sure to understand what exactly you’re joining as well as the terms of service for that network.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is maybe the most important thing on your site, because it’s basically a make or break on whether your site will rank and whether you’re content is good enough, and not neglecting certain rules…let me explain.

As a rule of thumb, in content creation, you want to make that you’re not keyword stuffing your content, or adding duplicate content. Keyword stuffing would be like repeating a keyword an unnecessary amount of times in order to try to rank for that keyword. That’s a big no no. Also duplicate content kind of speaks for itself. Google will know if you copy and paste already made material.  Duplicate content will penalize your site. So the key is original content.


Backlinks are links that connect your website with another one. For instance if you have a website that is low authority, that means it will be hard to rank for the post you just created. However, after creating that post, if a highly authoritative website like linked to your website from a post they made that would tell google that your content is good. This would give you a boost in rankings.

Backlinks are very hard to get. However paid services help with this exact problem. Website such as freelancer. Also, below I have given a graphic which shows some of freelancer’s top people. Freelancer is one of the best and biggest marketplaces for people to do freelance work at an affordable price. You can hire people with all kinds of skills, to do all kinds of things.


In conclusion, these are just some of the things you will at least need to think about as an affiliate marketer. If not, totally implement these tools yourself if you want to be an affiliate marketer. If it seems like a lot, just do a little bit at a time. It will get a lot easier, and more manageable. If you want to really streamline this whole process and generate some awesome ClickFunnels, be sure to check out the free ClickFunnels trial. I wish you good luck on your journey to creating a lucrative and fulfilling online business. I hope I helped. Cheers!